Technology Solutions for Business Success

Zero-Zero Technologies is an IT consultancy that puts companies in control of their technology for greater business success. We work with clients to create and implement long-lasting technical strategies that can withstand the pressures of technology evolutions.

Our unique approach provides a methodology for successfully navigating technology changes without becoming derailed by them. This methodology provides the foundation for all our services, from assessment services to IT-business strategies to technology governance policies.

Everything we do is based on decades of real-world, hands on experience with numerous technology paradigms, products, methodologies and processes. We have particular domain specialisations in Search, Cloud, Big Data and enterprise applications.

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We can bring value at any level of the IT organisation, from the project to the corporate level. The services we offer include the following roles:

  • Corporate Management / Board Technical Advisor
  • IT Senior Management Advisor
  • Project Consultant
  • Senior Architect Consultant
  • Senior Technical Consultant

For more information on these and other services, we invite you to get in touch.

How we work with you

Our first step is to have an initial consultation with you in order to find how and where we can help. Once we have agreed to an arrangement, we will start with an onsite engagement of at least two days to assess the situation and propose a course of action. If our proposal is accepted, we will then execute a plan of detailed investigation, strategy development and implementation.

To insure success, we always prefer that as many stakeholders as possible be involved, particularly at the senior management and board levels. Such input significantly increases the chance of success.

If you wish to talk to us about how we can help bring technology sanity to your company, we invite you to a free consultation by phone. To make an appointment, please contact us using our details below.